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New Zealand

New Zealand (Aotearoa) – the land of diversity

New ZealandSubtropical rainforest, unspoiled lakes and rivers teeming with fish, wide open steppes, imposing mountain ranges, steep and narrow fiords, green gently rolling pastures, 30 million sheep, secluded golden beaches, a dozen wonderful national parks, volcanoes, glaciers beside the ocean, magnificent whales and playful dolphins, bubbling mud pools and geysers in one of the largest thermal areas in the world. It is worthwhile to travel to New Zealand to see all this, the land in the far most corner of the South Pacific, and truly the most beautiful.

New Zealand – a paradise

Anyone who has traveled around New Zealand will rave on about his or her experience. An excellently maintained road network starts at New Zealand’s northernmost point, North Cape and winds its way past fantastic beaches and through imposing forest. And it ends at the southernmost point of the wild idyllic South Island, where the twisty road makes its way along the West Coast, with all its unique landforms. In between, it is almost like a paradise: The road through the valley of the thousand hills in the North Island with as many turns and corners, the pure gravel of Coromandel, the ‘Hippie peninsula’, the breathtaking contrast and diverse scenery of the sparsely populated South Island where you often find yourself alone on the road, and unforgettably, the drive over the Arthur’s Pass.

New Zealand – a land of pioneers and adventurers

There are so many self-made types in New Zealand, only found elsewhere in the forests of Canada or the outback of Australia. That’s why you’ll find everything somewhat adventurous and pioneer-like. Where else can you drive your rental vehicle on the foot of a glacier which is at the base of a country’s highest peak (Mount Cook 3764m) or watch dolphins swimming in the Pacific Ocean only a few metres from the road? So what is there to hinder the adventurous ones? The monotonous bleating of the flocks of sheep which occasionally block the road? Unlikely . . . Or the unavoidable rain on the West Coast of the South Island? Probably not, because this is where the adventure really starts. And after all, tomorrow the sun will be shining in the sky, as if nothing ever happened . . .